The food is the attraction!

  • Learn new recipes from other cultures

  • Cook for a specialized diet

  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle

  • Enjoy some SLOW food – sustainable, local, organic & wild

Whether it’s learning new cultural recipes, cooking for a specialized diet, adopting a healthier overall lifestyle or just getting together to cook and have fun with SLOW food (Sustainable, Local, Organic & Wild) our focus is on helping you learn to cook and enjoy fresh, festive, tasty and nourishing food!

We select the freshest ingredients from the seasonal harvest of wild and local foods. Items come straight from our own farm and from local farms that use natural food production methods. We also use organic foods as they are available to us in this part of the country.

Join Nancy Guppy, registered dietitian, chef, and instructor, in a century-old farmhouse for inspirational gourmet classes. View our class calendar link for upcoming classes for the general public. Groups of 5 to 10 can book private sessions with a special focus. Sessions can be part of corporate team building exercises, family birthdays and friendly get-togethers. You don’t need an excuse to get together with friends and enjoy the food.

Culinary tourism is booming, and cooking studios offering new food experiences and culinary adventures are popping up around the globe. Chapman’s Landing Cooking Studio is one of a kind in northern Ontario.

Set in a historic 1913 farmhouse in Nipissing village, one of the oldest settlements in north eastern Ontario. Chapman’s Landing is run by Nancy Guppy, a Registered Dietitian, and consultant who combines international cooking styles and local lore to create a unique learning experience. Unwind in the countryside, try new dishes, learn innovative cooking styles, and most importantly, have fun with food!